Letterpress Wedding Invitation Suite

In Summary

Hetty & Fred met singing the choir at St Andrew’s University, which is where their wedding ceremony will be held. With this in mind I created a sketch of St Andrew’s and placed this in the centre of the invitation with all the information leading back to it.

The couple wanted to include various other places significant to their lives, for example where they are from, where they live now and favourite places they have holidayed. This a truly special and personalised letterpress wedding invitation suite.

Both Invitation (A5) and RSVP postcard (A6) printed on 630gsm (super thick!) beermat board.

Gold & Teal Blue


Qty: 80

Letterpress Plate cost: £78.40

Letterpress print cost: £200

Design Cost: 10 hours @ £20 per hour = £200

Total Cost: £478.40 / £5.98 per unit


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